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From 1 week to 3 months Full access to the studio Technical support Artistic community Access to ongoing workshops

Art exhibition included for long term residencies We guide you to prepare your residency in advance KIAR Studio multidisciplinary network Possibility to enjoy local food,music,dance and cultural experiences Accommodations


  1. EMERGING ARTISTS ( get guidance, support , tips as well as network globally from International curator .
  2. ESTABLISHED ARTISTS  ( who want to do research or get inspiration and exposure globally with our network )


Disciplines and media

  • Visual Art ( painter, performing artist, installation artists, site specific artist, video art )
  • Literature
  • Educational Programmes
  • New Media
  • Curatorial
  • Photography
  • Film Making
  • Architecture
  • Textile
  • Research
  • Cultural Exchange

Kalanirvana invites established and emerging artists, photographers, architects, writers, curators, cultural managers, performing artists etc for perusing their artistic exploration and experience Indian Culture, Art and its vibrant heritage to get inspired or to do research. To support the artists from all disciplines KIAR partly sponsor the Selected Residents Artists for city tour , air port pick up and drop and Local transport, cultural tour, workshop and art interaction with local artists. To apply please register with us .

Key Points:

1.Half sponsored ( STIPEND Based on Selection )
2. Interaction with local public and artists
3.Learn Indian Cuisine ( three minimum and maximum 7 )
4.Learn Indian language ( basics)
4. Workshop
5. Exhibition for residents who stays more than 25 days
6. Interaction with Indian family
7. Enjoy Bollywood film and music
8.Get International Network
9. Host by Global Curator

This Residency Program is part of the US-INDIA Cultural Exchange Program and CCC: Commonwealth Culture Cult (countries of commonwealth nations). To know more about US-INDIA Cultural Exchange and CCC please click here.

Benefits: The artists will participate to understand experience and learn about Indian culture and art and it will be a exchange of culture in true sense during their stay at KIAR Artists Residency. The artists will be able to explore the world famous temple architecture dates back to 6th century till date and various crafts and textiles and handmade fabrics as well a true spiritual Indian culture.

There are a lot of important places to explore in terms of art, architecture, craft, culture, heritage, textile, wild life, religious monuments of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and a lot of delicious food and beaches to relax.

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October 20th  to March 30th  EACH YEAR ( Application dead line Minimum 60 days before your arrival day Each Year )

Note : Minimum stay is 14 nights ( 15 days )  and Maximum stay is 6 MONTHS. One can extend the stay if they want with written request during their stay, based on availability of space and the situation.


A. 7 Days cost : 200$usd per person ( twin sharing )

: 250$ usd per person ( single occupancy )

Note : Minimum two weeks stay per artist is required .


B. 30 Days Residency : 599$ USD per person on TWIN-sharing  /  699$ SINGLE OCCUPANCY


Residency Fee  includes:


Note: All the above cost is after deduction of stipend from the real cost of Residency. We provide only breakfast. One can make their own lunch and dinner with the residency kitchen or can eat outside. the nearest food joints and restaurants are 1.5 km away. If one want to have dinner or lunch at KIAR, It costs extra 5$ per lunch or dinner and one need to inform minimum 4 hours in advance to get the service.


Not Included in Residency Fee : FOOD +  BEACH STAY AT PURI ( 70 km from Bhubaneswar )

If one want to the food to be served by residency, then for each lunch or dinner it costs 5 $ each.

World Heritage SITE  ( KONARK ) and SEA Beach ( PURI ) Stay Fee : For Puri and Konark and Craft village  Extra : 160$ per person ( 2 Days 1 Night ) AND additional 40$ USD is counted per each extra day.

Note : Each applicants has to pay 100 $USD ( not returnable ) within 20 days of the approval  date of the application to reserve the place. Otherwise it will be open for others. If one can not able to come in the finalized date for some reason, one can book other time based on availability and mutual discussion.

KIAR Sponsor :

  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Entry ticket in the heritage sites and museums
  • Workshop on Indian Art and Culture
  • One day Dinner /Lunch with Indian Family ( optional Based on availability )
  • Culture Tour
  • Bollywood Film Ticket and Tour ( optional Based on availability)
  • City Tour
  • Local Transport of City Tour
  • WIFI
  • First Aid Medicines

Residency Fee does not includes:

  • Air Travel from your country
  • VISA
  • LUNCH (6$) + DINNER ( 5 $ ) USD.
  • Extra PROGRAM other than Sponsored in Residency
  • Personal expenditure
  • Personal Transport cost not comes under residency fee
  • Art Materials ( You can buy art materials from local shops and if you need specific materials, its advisable to bring with you )

Application who/how : 

Ans: This project is for Artists ( from all forms of art )  from any nationality .

One can send Digital Application with latest bio-data and 10 images of your best works with.jpg format and  each file should be of minimum  3mb or more to  with heading ‘One World Residency- International ‘ .
Selection procedure :By Committee and curator

Expectations towards the artist

1. All residents are expected to do a power point presentation on their work and their country ( only for residents staying more than 25 days )

2. All the residents has to contribute something to the collection of the international collection for the exhibition which will be at the end of the residency. ( only for residents staying more than 25 days )

Presentation of artists’ work : Arranged on a case-by-case basis
Setting : Urban with Rural feel ( traditional and spiritual as well as modern )
Accomodation :     Private and Shared rooms
Working language(s) : English and Hindi


  • 24-hour access to studio together with other artists
  • The opportunity to work uninterrupted in our studios at the residency venue
  • Access to an individual adviser
  • Opportunity of workshop with Indian Traditional Artists
  • Printer and Scanner
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Open kitchen
  • Printer ( with minimal charges )
  • Open Studio
  • Roof top

General information about KIAR

Organisation founded in :2010.

Residency program since :2011

Brief description of organisation :

The Residency was established in Hyderabad in 2011 and shifted to Bhubaneswar in 2016.
Located in the heart of the eastern India, in Bhubaneswar, the cathedral city (state of Odisha, India), KIAR is an international cultural center dedicated to artistic creation, cultural exchange and Culture Tour. It develops and hosts artistic residence, exhibitions, and workshops dedicated to art and culture
The purpose of  KIAR BBSR is to provide an ideal retreat style project space for creative people to reconnect and build on their creativity while continuing their artistic journey. Emerging and established artists, curators, photographers and writers with an identified project and a commitment to concentrated work are encouraged to apply.
KIAR Bhubaneswar consists of a private self-contained cabin within the property of a larger house and studio. The Residency is approximately 270 sq meters that includes one small private bedroom, four shared bed rooms  and 4 bathroom, kitchenette and large studio room , one Small Gallery , one roof top sitting area, one 2400 sq feet garden area , free WIFI, comfortable furniture. The courtyard and gardens are very suitable for a organic vegetation.. Each guest of KIAR BBSR is provided with bed covers. We do not provide towels.. The kitchenette has a gas stove top with plates, a toaster, sink, a bar fridge. There are basic supplies such as salt, pepper, tea, coffee, teapot, coffee plunger etc. We also have a washing machine for our residents .
The rooms do not have computers but there are plenty of power points for equipment. For 24-hour regular internet use, guests are encouraged to bring their own mobile wireless broadband device. Residencies are available from minimum Two WEEKS  to  maximum THREE Months. ( If one want to apply for more than 3 months has to request separately ).

It is an Artists run residency program. Because the project is still young, it offers the artists in residency much freedom to create a format, which works for the individual, as well as the possibility to take part in the shaping of the DIFFERENT PROJECTS we are having in pipeline.

Resident artists have 24-hour access to the space, and we encourage the participants to work and be present on site as much as possible during the duration of the residency. When committing to this project, the artist must agree to stay the duration of the term (it is not possible to stay just a few weeks, etc.) Regardless, the participant is responsible for paying the entire participation fee.

We wish that the space be an open environment and welcome visitors to come by to visit during the working process.

Kalanirvana is a very vibrant and energetic Residency, where a lot of importance given to new ideas and approaches. There is a participation fee to be paid by each artist . We also ask the artists to donate 1 – 3 small works (drawings, prints, photographs…) for our Collection and in return we will curate an exhibition for their work at a gallery.

You can expect an intensive time of work and exchange in our cozy creative work space . The exhibition will be seen by a broad audience. You will become part of the KALANIRVANA network including the possibility to participate in future exhibitions organized by KALANIRVANA and an eventual appearance in a future catalog.

The Objectives of KIAR : BHUBANESWAR are to :

1- Encourage contemporary artistic creation.
2- Develop intercultural exchanges between Indian and international artists, through interaction,workshop and exploration and analysis .
3-Produce the creation of new shows by Kalanirvana International Art Center.
4-Promotion in the International ART Magazine, EMERZING STARS.
5-Represent international companies within Indian networks of distribution (festivals, Art …) and Indian companies within international networks.
6- Organize, in its art center , national and international artist residences that offer the opportunity to disconnect from over-communication and  busy urban life to reconnect with an organic and  quite Indian atmosphere  in an Urban city.
7- Organize culture tour and seminars in the heart of the Indian Cultural City, allowing our guests to know each other and explore true Indian culture  through a series of activities related to well-being: yoga, meditation, cooking, walking, beaching, learning local craft and art, cycling, organic gardening, visit of the world biggest zoo for white tigers, experiencing Indian family, festivals, Bollywood Films etc.
8- Facilitate links with the neighboring community through the exchange of information and know-how in the fields of arts and environmental education.

Type of organisation

  • Artist-Curator Run
  • Independent Association/Foundation

Duration of KIAR Residency

  • January 05th 2018-December 28th 2018 ( closed in APRIL and MAY 2018)

Number of artists resident at one time: 7

Companions allowed : Only if Artist
Grants available : Partial Grant  for students artists group under 30 year age. For Travel grants Artists has to take care of their own grants as this is a self funded organisation.

How to reach ( for cheaper flight please click here )

What is the flight cost ?( FOR Help contact us on +917077968949  OR whatsApp +917077968949 or follow the instruction provided BELLOW )
If  you are from Europe: 700 to 800 $USD approximately. ( LONDON, PARIS, FRANKFURT, ROME and other leading airports ):

If  you are from USA : 950 to 1200 $ USD approximately.

If you are from Asia : 220 to 400 $USD approximately. ( DUBAI, KUALA LUMPHUR, BANGKOK, SINGAPORE, HONGKONG etc )

By train  : Bhubaneswar is well connected from all most all big cities like Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

By plane : Bhubaneswar is an International airport. And also it is well connected from all metro cities of India like Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur.

VERY Important Tips for Affordable AIRLINE:

1.Book your ticket at least 45 to 60 days before the travel date to get best price.

2.Book your air ticket from the best Indian travel website for the best flight option to India:

3.Book international flight to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkoata or Bhubaneswar as per your country ( For example : if you are flying from EUROPE, N. America, S. America, Africa the best option to go for New Delhi or Mumbai ; If you are flying from Middle East it is good for go for Mumbai, If you are flying from Russia and Central Asia then best is to fly to New Delhi ; If you are from south Asia , Australia, NZ, it is best to go for Kolkata ; If you are flying from Malaysia or Singapore you can directly go for Bhubaneswar  ) . From New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata you can take domestic flights and there are plenty of options and it will reduce the cost to almost 20% to 50 % depends on your date of booking and starting location.

Nearest airport : Bhubaneswar airport : New Delhi Airport : Mumbai Airport : Kolkata airport : Bangalore Airport : Hyderabad Airport


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