ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY : ( Vasudeva Kutumbakam ) 2018-19
An International cultural exchange project between India and world .

The project consists of the two stages:

  1. And the ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY  : June 1, 2018 – Feb 08, 2019. Artist Residency itself, which will result in ten ( 6 IN INDIA + 2 IN OTHER COUNTRIES ) international and interdisciplinary cultural and art projects later to be hosted by partner institutions in the participating countries.
  2. The Residency Seminar for curators to create the concept and invite participating artists : EARLY SUMMER 2018 – March 20 – April 15, 2019.

During the first stage of the program on September 1- 7, 2018, six curators from 6 Different countries FROM Commonwealth Countries will be  invited to the KIAR Bhubaneswar for a 7-day seminar to develop the common vision of the Artist Residency “KIAR”. We are having an open call for curators across Commonwealth Nations and will be inviting the selected 36 curators phase wise, representing strong institutions for collaborations. The program of the seminar includes presentations of Indian arts and culture, discussions, excursions, brain storming and signing the declaration of intent based on the common vision of the multidisciplinary art-residency. The main objective of the seminar is to create together the project of the residency for the 56 artists in different fields from 6 countries + India. They will be invited to the four-week residency in KIAR Residency Bhubaneswar to create  common cultural products together in starting from the month of June 2018. Also, we expect to create a common application for the Creative Commonwealth program in early 2018.

The second stage of the project, the Art Residency itself, will take place from June 2018 onward in the  KIAR, Bhubaneswar  as well.  The activities of the residency will comprise the following fields: visual arts, installation, performing art, film making, writing, sculpture, land art, art curation, photography. Artists has to cook one dish from their own country. and discussion of culture to understand each other better will be the high light of the residency. Artists from different regions of INDIA and World  will meet and work together for four weeks. This is expected to result with exhibitions of visual art, documentary films, land-art objects, documentary, a cooking-book and, most important –  strategic plans of joint long-term art project in INDIA and Globe designed by artists and art-managers from the partner institutions. Participants from various countries will be able to get to know India through direct acquaintance with its nature, cultural heritage, their Indian colleagues and local village community. The final cultural products will be the result of interpretation and personal impressions about India’s culture of the invited artists. The results of the residences can be presented in the countries of residents throughout the whole 2018 year.

The Purpose :

India is a country of old civilization and great heritage. It had a great history in past and there are a lot of things starting from the Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, Geometry, Ayurveda, Yoga, Kamasutra, Vedas and many more. Indian civilization has contributed a lot to the world. It is the birth place of more than 200 languages including worlds two oldest languages, Sanskrit and Tamil and six major religions ( Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shaivism, Shaktism ). The country is full of diversion and tolerance and it sets a living example for the whole world how to live in unity and peace with keeping everyone happy. The society of India is a lot to give to the world in today’s world. It never had attacked any country irrespective of attacked by many. But with the invasion of India from last 1000 years, most of its old culture has been diluted and the world do not know and do not understand India and its cultural depth in totality. With time India as a civilization came up ages and became more matured and inclusive as well as diverse.

                As we know the world now is heading towards chaos because of intolerance and extremism as well as without having proper understanding of value and goal of life; it needs the Spiritual and tolerance mind-set. It need to understand the true meaning of life which can gives the solution to the today’s generation for a better future.

                To contribute to the solution of the problem, we have developed the concept of the project with the belief that culture is an important socializing factor that gives citizens a sense of pride and belonging to their country and community and to the citizens of other countries it gives the understanding of values of other cultures and values of the global cultural process. The main objectives of the KIAR Residency will be communication between Indian and International artists and cultural activists, exchange of values and cultures through the means of arts, the presentation of India’s rich and diverse heritage, the philosophy of ‘BASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM’ (WORLD IS ONE FAMILY). In a long term, we count on to have such projects in other countries as tools for breaking down stereotypes that World have about India and vice versa.


Dear Creative Friends we at Kalanirvana International Artists Residency : KIAR shifted its based from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar , a city of 2500 years history and great center for Indian culture, art and heritage and its close proximity to the beautiful golden beaches of Puri and Konark at the Bay of Bengal.

How to Apply:

The Residency Seminar for Curators : March 10- April 15, 2018 (For Curators and Residency Owners Only ) Sponsored Project of 8 days.

Terms and conditions:

1.We invite six curators  or owners of Artist residency, who are active in cultural exchange and its cause  every  year. And one artists can be selected from one country maximum  in a year.

2. Each Curator / Residency owner has to select 6 artists from their own country for the KIAR-ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY Residency Project.

3. The criteria of Selection is based on the Curators believe in the concept and network with artists who can be part of the project and who believes in this concept.

4. The Curators has to send the Bio-data of their own along with the list of artists and their bio-data  which they want to select for the Residency Project .

5. All the bio-data has to be in pdf or .doc format only and curators should provide artists bio-data, artists statement and links to their website or facebook or any other web link to show their work. All the mails should be sent at with subject “One World One Family”.

6. The selection of Curator and the list of their artists will be declared  same time.

7. Curators should make sure the selected artists should register with KIAR ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY  Residency Project with Registration fee of 700 $ USD each ( for food+electric charges+material cost + local transport  ) for the four week – half sponsored Residency )

ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY Artist Residency Project : JUNE -DEC 2018 and JAN-FEB 2019 ( for artists selected by curators panel of KIAR only )

Partially Sponsored Residency for 21 Days ( 70% by KIAR + 30% by Artist )

REGISTRATION FEE Covers : FOOD + local transport during city tour and other cultural tour + ELECTRICITY CHARGES

Extra cost : Personal expenses + Entry tickets to tourist places + Travel to other city to explore  + shopping + GST

Terms and Conditions :

  1. The artists should be selected by the curators panel of ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY Project
  2. The artists must register with us for the ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY Registration form
  3. The artists biodata, artists statement should be in pdf  or doc format and should be sent to by the curator or artists herself with acceptance with the curator who represent the same country the artists belongs to.
  4. The web link of the work should be sent to in the bio-data if no web link then the images should be sent in .jpg format or pdf only to
  5. The artists must agree to pay the registration cost of 700$USD for three weeks ONE WORLD ONE FAMILY Artist Residency ( for food+electric charges+material cost + local transport ) for the four week – half sponsored Residency


If you are not part of this Global Exchange project you can always apply directly to our Residency directly with different projects we offer.The Residency is open for international artists from the month of July to December and from January to March every year. We have mainly two different types of projects.For more details about the Residency Please CLICK HERE.

1. Curated project based on various concept

2. Open residency for understanding Indian Art, Culture and Heritage.

Curated Project :
Curated projects are curated by Ashis Pahi the director of KIAR. He himself is an artists and a great ambassador of Indian culture and global art. He has organized and participated in various international art symposiums, festivals, art exhibitions and is associated with different art organization in various parts of world.

The curated projects are of fixed day and fixed price and one has to apply for selection. Ashis Pahi comes with various conceptual projects which are beneficial for international artists to exploit and explore Indian experience to get inspiration in their creativity.

Who will be benefited from it ?
1.Artists, Photographers and others from similar fields who are visiting India for first time or who want to explore India in every aspect with an experienced expert who know India in and out.
2. It will also benefit for individuals who are working on the particular subject and need more practical experience

Selection Procedure :
For selection one need to apply with filling the registration form and send 5 of work and link of website or facebook  and the selection will be done by a committee . One can apply minimum 21 days to maximum 30 days  and one can bring partners, friends but no kids and no animals. The booking will be confirmed based on your submission and availability .One need to book before 45 days of arrival date. Once confirmed One need to PAY THE RESIDENCY FEE before 30 days of arrival so that we can send Invitation letter for visa.

:For our Curated Projects Please check .

Open Residency:
Open residency is like a home away home where you can do what ever you want at your own way. This is mainly to promote better understanding between Indian culture and the artists country and the host of KIAR  is very friendly to make you feel like being a part of India’s culture. One can experience he true spirit of India during the stay.\

Who will be benefited from it ?
1.Artists, Photographers and others from similar fields who want to have a long term visit to India to explore India in every aspect with an experienced expert who know India in and out.
2. It is very good for senior artists and Photographers as well as who are doing research and interested in cultural exchange.

Selection Procedure :
This is open for all disciplines and one do not go through selection. One can book minimum 15 days to maximum 3 months and one can bring partners, friends but no kids and no animals. The booking will be confirmed based on availability and one need to book before 45 days of arrival date. Once confirmed One need to PAY THE RESIDENCY FEE before 30 days of arrival so that we can send Invitation letter for visa.

The artists can cook during their stay as well can go for a food package where the residency will provide food.