Activating the artist in you to heal your soul and find creative soul mates.


  1. Finding a new meaning of life by Rediscovering the artist in you
  2. To have collaboration, network and opportunities with like-minded creative souls.
  3. To understand art and use art in day today life in a more effective way and to make awareness about the value of art.

Our Story

We all are very much health conscious and we do everything to keep ourselves fit. We go to gym, do yoga and other exercises to maintain our physical fitness. But we all know the fitness of our mind and soul is very much important even more important than physical fitness. But what are we doing for it? Are we happy from inside? Are we have peace of mind or joy in life? May be not.  And the reason is ? May be not we are not enjoying what we are doing, or may be we our soul is not happy, may be we do not found right soul mates, or may be we doing things for money against our wish. The reason can be many, but the answer is one. Lets ask our soul and give some time to it and pamper our soul and let it do what it enjoy. I think the soul will find its own way to our answer.

Art heals the Heart. Creative souls heals it even faster. Art Virus  is the solution to heal the affected soul through providing the art environment with other creative souls.

ART VIRUS  is first of its kind Art of Living Program where one can discover the ART VIRUS within and  find the real joy, inner peace, goal of life and rediscover own self through ART.

It is not just a creative engagement with own self but to find likeminded creative souls and to search for future opportunities and collaborations in various ways. This is going to help India as  an art nation and develop awareness among more people about the importance of art in life.

It’s a mission to make Art a purpose of meaningful and joyful life.

Art Virus journey started in the year 2009. What was initially a discussion forum on facebook group ‘ world art critics’ then to real art gallery ‘ Kalanirvana ‘, over time became one of the most vibrant and engaged creative communities not only in India but across the world. It was only meant for fine art , But we want to extend it to every works of life.

Over the years we helped hundreds of creators in networking, unblocking, upskilling, exploring, collaborating, and expressing through us. We have expanded our presence to 12 cities of India and soon it will expand to different countries after corona situation is normalized world wide.

At end of every ART VIRUS PROGRAM  we will do an exhibition of it for the output to come to the public.

The platform has been working as an informal yet efficient network with members helping each other and their extended connections with jobs, projects, guidance, skills, mentorship, and a sacred safe circle for creativity to bloom.

Art Virus  in its refreshed new avatar is a powerful idea that has been forged by fire after a long arduous journey and connecting every single dot over the last two decades.