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Art is the inner expression of a soul and the soul of a kid is pure and beautiful. So its very important to encourage every kid to express the beauty of her or his soul through art. CREATIVE KIDS is an initiative to give a unique platform to the kids of world through art exhibition where the kids can express themselves openly and freely. This is the brainchild of Engineer turned artist Tejashree Khanvilkar who is curating this project with utmost intensity and passion for the development of child artists in India.

Rules for Applying : Last date 28 th October  2023

AGE group : 4 to 16 years only

Number of art works : Maximum 4 works by each child artist

Size : maximum 24 x 24 inches  and minimum 12 x 12 inches 

Submission format : ART WORK should be following details for valid entry : Name, Age, City, Art work Title, Size in inches.

One can send works to our whatsapp  number : 9011722995


Our Vision

At Unleash Creativity, our vision is simple yet profound: To be the catalyst for the boundless creative potential within every child. We believe that art is more than just colors and shapes; it’s a powerful tool for self-expression, emotional growth, and building confidence. Our platform is dedicated to creating a world where every child’s artistic spark is ignited and celebrated.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, inspiring, and accessible space for young artists to explore their creative side. We aim to:

  1. Inspire Creativity: We provide platform to a diverse range of artistic expressions, from painting to sculpture, to ignite your child’s imagination and passion for art.
  2. Nurture Talent: Our experienced mentors and instructors are committed to guiding your child’s artistic journey, helping them develop their skills and unique style through interaction .
  3. Empower Young Artists: We empower children to express themselves freely through art, boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence.
  4. Celebrate Individuality: Every child is unique, and we celebrate their individuality, encouraging them to embrace their distinct artistic voices.

Benefits of Unleash Creativity

  1. Skill Development: Our platform offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance your child’s artistic skills, whether they are a budding Picasso or just starting their creative journey.
  2. Creativity Enhancement: We provide a nurturing environment that encourages your child’s creativity to flourish, allowing them to explore various artistic mediums and styles.
  3. Confidence Building: As children create and share their artwork, they gain confidence in their abilities, which can positively impact other areas of their lives.
  4. Mentorship: Our team of experienced mentors and instructors is dedicated to providing personalized guidance, ensuring your child receives the support they need to thrive.
  5. Community and Collaboration: Unleash Creativity is not just a platform; it’s a vibrant community of young artists. Your child will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, share ideas, and be part of an inspiring artistic network.
  6. Parental Involvement: We value the role of parents in nurturing young artists. You’ll have access to progress reports, and we encourage open communication between parents, mentors, and students.

Unleash Creativity is where young artists take their first steps towards becoming the creative leaders of tomorrow. Join us today and watch your child’s imagination take flight. Together, let’s unlock the world of art and creativity, one masterpiece at a time.

Team Creative kids,

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