Welcome to the Premier Art Buyers Club in India

At KIAC, we have been at the forefront of the global art scene for 15 years, connecting with international experts and shaping the art market. Now, we are excited to introduce you to our exclusive Art Buyers Club : ABC, designed to redefine your relationship with art, investment, and the benefit as well as purpose it brings to society.

Our Vision

At the heart of ABC lies a profound vision, to make art an accessible and profitable investment for everyone, while fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts. We aim to create a community where art enthusiasts transform into serious art buyers, investors, and collectors, collectively shaping the future of the art world in India.We believe in the trans-formative power of art, not just as an investment but as a lifelong passion that enriches every facet of your existence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform where you can embark on an inspiring journey in the world of art. We aim to

  1. Cultivate a deep passion for art and its cultural significance.
  2. Foster a nurturing environment for budding collectors.
  3. Empower members with knowledge and insights from global art experts.
  4. Create a thriving ecosystem where art investment thrives.
  5. Encourage an inclusive and diverse art community in India.

Rules and Regulations for Membership

1. Membership Eligibility
To join our Art Buyers Club, one must have a genuine passion for art, and a desire to explore its potential
as an investment. We welcome both seasoned collectors and newcomers with open arms.

2. Annual Membership
A yearly membership fee ensures that we can continue to provide valuable insights, access to exclusive art events, and expert advice.

3. Art Appreciation
We encourage our members to genuinely appreciate art in all its forms. Art is not merely a commodity but an enriching part of life.

4. Ethical Art Investment
We promote ethical art investment practices, ensuring that art buyers understand the responsibilities that come with their purchases.

Why Invest in Art and Join Our Art Club?

1. Diversify Your Portfolio
Art can provide an attractive and unique asset class to diversify your investments, potentially offering a hedge against market volatility.

2. Long-Term Value Growth
Historically, art values have appreciated over time, often outperforming traditional investments.

3. Unique Cultural Enrichment
Art enriches your life by allowing you to immerse yourself in diverse cultures, histories, and viewpoints.

4. Networking Opportunities
Our Art Buyers Club offers unparalleled opportunities to network with art connoisseurs, artists, and experts.

5. Exclusive Access*
Gain early access to emerging artists, exhibitions, and art market trends.

6. Art Education*
Expand your knowledge through our curated educational programs and events.

7. Expert Guidance*
Tap into our global network of art experts, who are here to guide you at every step of your art journey.

8. Authenticity Guarantee*
Rest easy knowing that every artwork you acquire through us comes with a guarantee of authenticity.

9. Art for a Greater Cause*
Our organization actively promotes the benefits of art in society, contributing to cultural development and social enrichment.

10. Join a Community of Passionate Art Lovers*
Becoming a member of our Art Buyers Club connects you with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for art in all its forms.

Membership Types: AGE LIMIT : minimum 21 years or above

  1. Standard Membership: Access to all club events, exhibitions, and resources.
  2. Premium Membership: Includes exclusive access to curated art experiences, personalized investment advice, and priority access to events.
  3. NRI Membership: Tailored for our non-resident Indian members, offering international art insights and connections.

Annual Fee:

Standard Membership: ₹5,000 per year.
Premium Membership: ₹10,000 per year.
NRI Membership: $200 per year.

Events and Facilities:

We host regular art exhibitions, art festival, art retreat and expert-led seminars and workshops..
Access to our private art galleries and co-working spaces for networking and research.
State-of-the-art virtual platforms for remote participation in club events.

Membership Benefits:

Art Investment Guidance: Personalized advice from our global network of art experts.
Curated Collections: Exclusive opportunities to invest in carefully selected art pieces.
Priority Access: Early access to auctions and exhibitions.
Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals and art professionals.
Art Education: Access to workshops, lectures, and educational resources.
Art Advisory: Consult with experts for portfolio management.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Show respect for fellow members, artists, and their works.
  2. Handle art pieces with care during exhibitions.
  3. Maintain confidentiality about art investments and personal data.
  4. Uphold ethical standards in art collection and investments.

Vision: To make art a smart and rewarding investment for our members while promoting the cultural significance of art.
Mission: Provide a supportive and knowledgeable community for art enthusiasts, connecting them with expert insights, curated art options, and exclusive experiences.
Art for a Smart Investment:

We believe in the power of art as a tangible and valuable asset.
Art is a smart investment option for diversifying your portfolio, and our club is here to guide you in making informed choices.

Join Us Today:

Embrace the world of art as a meaningful investment.
Connect with fellow art enthusiasts who appreciate art not just as decoration but as a financial opportunity.
We are excited to have you as part of the Art Buyers Club. Your membership not only opens doors to the art world but also sets you on a path to becoming a smart investor in the world of creativity and culture. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated member services team.

Art is not just for the elite; it’s for the discerning. Welcome to the Art Buyers Club, where passion meets profit.

By becoming a member of ABC : Art Buyers Club, you are joining a passionate and growing community of art enthusiasts dedicated to redefining the art landscape in India. Discover the power of art investment, the joy of art collection, and the influence of art in society. Join us on this remarkable journey! Write us with your full name and interest to abn.kalanirvana@gmail.com or whatsapp to +917077968949 .



Jackie  Lima :
Eminent Artist, USA

Zoran Andric :
Eminent Artist, Serbia

Erol Kilic :
Eminent Artist , Turky

Maria-Ines Hilbert:
Cultural Activist, Argentina

Henry Koelsch:
Gallerist, Los Angels

Leon N. Kalas :
Curator, New York

Bikkel A.:
Museum Director, Curator. Netherlands

Ashis Pahi :
Director KIAC,
FILM maker,Curator and Art Critic, India



Amarendra Khatua :
Former Ambassador of India

Claudia  Peraita Collazo :
Architect and Artist , Spain

Rabinder Rao T. : Realtor, India

Ekaterina Abramova :
Artist and Curator, USA / RUSSIA

Jihane Llamas : Spiritual Healer, Morocco