ART HUB : Your Gateway to Original & Unique Art in India

Welcome to ART HUB, a haven for art lovers, artists, collectors, investors, and all creative souls. Situated on a sprawling 15-acre expanse on the outskirts of Hyderabad, ART HUB is more than just an art center; it’s a thriving cultural ecosystem that fosters the growth of emerging and original art in India.

Why Choose ART HUB?

At ART HUB, we pride ourselves on being a unique platform that caters to various creative facets. Here are five practical advantages that set us apart and make us the ideal choice for art enthusiasts, collectors, buyers, and investors:

1. A Diverse Canvas of Art Forms: ART HUB is not limited to a single art medium; we celebrate the diversity of artistic expression. Whether you’re passionate about painting, photography, sculpture, or installation art, you’ll find a space for your creativity to flourish. Our multi-disciplinary approach creates a dynamic environment where artists can explore, experiment, and innovate.

2. A Showcase of Emerging Talent: We are deeply committed to nurturing emerging talent in the Indian art scene. ART HUB provides a platform for artists to exhibit their work, gain recognition, and connect with art collectors, buyers, and investors who seek fresh, original, and promising artists. If you’re an artist looking for exposure and support, ART HUB is the place to be.

3. Art Events, Exhibitions, and Festivals: Our calendar is brimming with exciting cultural activities. From art exhibitions that showcase a wide array of artistic expressions to art festivals that bring together creative minds, we create an environment where art comes to life. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and cultural celebrations at ART HUB.

4. A Unique Cultural Hub: ART HUB is not just an art center; it’s a cultural hub. Our 15-acre campus offers a serene and inspiring backdrop for artists and visitors alike. It’s a space where creativity knows no bounds, and cultural exchange thrives. Discover new perspectives, ideas, and artistic forms in the heart of this unique cultural oasis.

5. A Hub for Collectors and Investors: For art collectors and investors, ART HUB is the perfect destination. You’ll find a treasure trove of emerging talent, unique artworks, and investment opportunities. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the world of Indian art, offering valuable insights and access to promising artists.

ART HUB is more than a place; it’s an experience that connects art lovers, artists, collectors, and investors with the rich tapestry of Indian creativity. Join us in celebrating the essence of art, culture, and innovation, and be a part of this extraordinary journey.

Discover the world of ART HUB, where art finds its true meaning, and creativity knows no boundaries. Welcome to a realm where emerging and original art thrives – welcome to ART HUB.

Vision: Our vision is simple yet trans-formative – to empower Indian artists by providing them with a groundbreaking
platform to showcase and sell their exceptional artworks, fostering their journey to international recognition.

Mission: At the heart of our mission is the unwavering commitment to artists. We aim to revolutionize the Indian art scene
by making it accessible, risk-free, and immensely rewarding. We want artists to focus solely on their craft, while we handle the rest.







Current Problems Faced by Artists:

  • Lack of mentorship and professional guidance.
  • Limited exposure and access to potential buyers.
  • Difficulty in finding art residency opportunities.
  • Pricing and compensation opacity in the art market.
  • Isolation from a supportive artist community.

Solutions Provided by ART HUB:

  • Mentorship, workshops, and art residency programs.
  • A platform to showcase and sell your art.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Transparent pricing and fair representation.
  • A supportive artist community for growth and learning.

For Artists: Registration Fee: INR 2,500 per year

Key Benefits : Get Professional knowledge,advice and networking

  1. Mentorship and Workshops Opportunities: Gain access to renowned artists and art professionals who provide mentorship and workshops, helping you enhance your skills and knowledge.
  2. Art Residency Opportunities: Enjoy the chance to participate in art residency programs, giving you the time and space to focus on your creativity and develop your unique style.
  3. Art Market Exposure: ART HUB offers a platform for your art to reach a wider audience, including art collectors and buyers who appreciate your work.
  4. Exclusive Art Club: Join a community of fellow artists for networking, collaboration, and learning, fostering a supportive environment for your growth.
  5. Market Transparency: We address the issue of opacity in the Indian art market, offering transparent pricing and fair representation, ensuring artists receive their due recognition and compensation.

Note : To get more benefit of  ARTHUB and SELL your work please take membership . To know about membership process and rules and benefits please read bellow.

10 Benefits of ARTISTS Joining ART HUB membership:

  1. Authenticity Assurance: We only showcase and sell artworks by artists we know personally, ensuring the authenticity and quality of your work.
  2. Zero Marketing Hassles: Concentrate on what you do best – creating art. We handle the marketing and promotion for you.
  3. Risk-Free Membership: Our platform is affordable and risk-free, enabling you to focus solely on your art.
  4. Art Festival Showcases: Be a part of annual art festivals in a 30% discounted participation fee, where we invite art lovers, enthusiasts, architects, interior designers, and serious art buyers to explore and purchase your creations.
  5. Diverse Art Forms Supported: Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, installation artist, or printer, we provide a platform for all forms of art.
  6. Financial Security: Earn income from your passion. We only charge a 20% commission on sold works or when you receive an order.
  7. Artistic Freedom: Express your creativity without constraints. We celebrate and support originality.
  8. Community and Networking: Connect with other artists, art professionals, and potential buyers, fostering collaboration and growth.
  9. Global Art Movement: Join a movement that is elevating Indian art to global standards, placing you at the forefront of this transformation.
  10. Exposure on a Global Scale: Gain visibility among art enthusiasts, collectors, and investors not just in India but worldwide.

How It Works:

Submit Your Art: Share your artworks with us, and our team will evaluate them. ( send to with your biodata and 5 images of your works and contact details or whatsapp the same to +917077968949 ]

Personal Meeting with Video Conference : We get to know you and your art personally. We want to understand your vision. [ Google Meet ]

Membership Approval: Once approved we will send approval letter and payment details by Email  and you need to pay the annual membership fee  of your choice and and send us the receipt copy to make your art becomes part of our exclusive club.

Sales and Recognition: Watch your art gain the recognition and sales it deserves.


  1. Artist should be 18 years old or above
  2. The artist has to go through selection process to sale art through ART HUB
  3. After selection each artist can minimum 20 to maximum 50 art works in a year for sale through ART HUB.
  4. For each 10 works the artist has to send 1 artwork in real [ for example if artist want 20 artworks to be promoted by art hub then artist sends 2 art works, if 30 works then sends 3 works in real ] to ARTHUB for our experts to verify the quality and promotion and the art work will be with us till the end of the membership as a guarantee of authenticity and to show the buyers and art investors the art work in real . ALL OTHER WORKS WE WILL PROMOTE IN FORM OF IMAGES AND VIDEOS TO OUR ART BUYERS AND THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS. The art work will be returned at the end of the  annual membership if the artists do not renew the annual membership at the end of membership tenure.


On any sale happen through us, ART HUB TAKE  20-30% COMMISSION and we provide authentication certification as we guarantee the originality of the artwork to our buyers and it gives buyers confidence to buy through ARTHUB.




Unlock a world of opportunities and artistic exposure with our exclusive annual membership at the Art Hub. Our art center, sprawling across 15 acres on the outskirts of Hyderabad, is a vibrant cultural hub in India. We provide a platform for artists across various disciplines, from painting and photography to sculpture and installation art. By becoming a member, you’ll gain access to an array of benefits tailored to support your artistic journey.After selection process for ART HUB; the artists will get invitation letter to join by official mail from and one can go for two different types of MEMBERSHIP ; Silver Member [ Rs 5555 ] or  Gold Member  [ Rs 9999 ]

Choose Your Membership

We offer two distinct membership tiers, each designed to cater to your needs and aspirations:

1. Silver Membership – ₹5555/year

  • Platform to Showcase Your Artwork: Your art deserves to be seen, and as a member, you’ll have the opportunity to exhibit and sell your artwork through our platform and to our Buyers Club members .
  • Join Our Exclusive Social Groups: Get featured with your art and become a part of our exclusive and closed art hub social group, connecting with like-minded individuals passionate about art which includes, art investors, art buyers, art collectors, architects, interior designers, hotel and resorts and individual art lovers and socialites from various fields.
  • Featured in Exclusive Social Media Groups: Get noticed on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, amplifying your online presence with our exclusive art talk and art critic and analysis platform.
  • Access to the Art Buyers Club: Gain visibility among our network of art investors, buyers, and collectors who are always on the lookout for exceptional talent.
  • Participation in National and International Art Events: Showcase your work in our prestigious art exhibitions, symposiums, festivals, and even join our art residency programs without selection process with 30% discount.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive valuable advice from industry experts to enhance your artistic skills and career.
  • Personalized Portfolio Guidance: Let us guide you in creating a stunning portfolio that truly reflects your artistic journey.

2. Art Professional or Gold Membership – ₹9999/year

     Note : All Benefits of Art Enthusiast or Silver Membership: Enjoy all the benefits of the Gold Membership and extra benefits as the followings.

  • Studio Promotion Assistance: Get assistance with photographing your art and studio for optimal promotion.
  • Exclusive Showcasing: Your work will be prominently showcased at the Art Hub, drawing the attention of art buyers and collectors.
  • Invitations to Art Projects: Be a part of our innovative art projects, and see your work featured in our art magazine, as well as on our social groups and pages.
  • Participation in National and International Art Events: Showcase your work in our prestigious art exhibitions, symposiums, festivals, and even join our art residency programs without selection process with 50% discount.

Whether you’re an emerging artist looking for recognition or a seasoned professional seeking more exposure, our annual memberships at the Art Hub have something for everyone. Join us to experience the rich tapestry of art and culture in the heart of India. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your artistic career and connect with fellow creatives.

Join the Art Hub today and let your art shine!


Why It’s Important for Artists to Join Our Project:

In a world where artists often struggle with the business side of their craft, our Art Buyers Club is a game-changer.
We offer a hassle-free, risk-free, and highly rewarding platform that not only recognizes your talent but also propels it to international heights.
Join us, and let your art shine while we take care of the rest.

Become a part of our visionary community today and let us shape the future of Indian art together. Your journey
to artistic success begins here.


Jackie  Lima :
Eminent Artist, USA

Zoran Andric :
Eminent Artist, Serbia

Erol Kilic :
Eminent Artist , Turky

Maria-Ines Hilbert:
Cultural Activist, Argentina

Henry Koelsch:
Gallerist, Los Angels

Leon N. Kalas :
Curator, New York

Bikkel A.:
Museum Director, Curator. Netherlands

Ashis Pahi :
Director KIAC,
FILM maker,Curator and Art Critic, India



Amarendra Khatua :
Former Ambassador of India

Claudia  Peraita Collazo :
Architect and Artist , Spain

Rabinder Rao T. : Realtor, India

Ekaterina Abramova :
Artist and Curator, USA / RUSSIA